Monday, August 13, 2012

Well Hello There.

Long time no chat! Well I guess that’s because I kinda feel like I gave up on this little blog. Something I did not want to happen. But there were so many things that just got in the way. Or at least I let them. This was supposed to be a fun outlet, just little old me writing about this and that. But somehow I managed to get overwhelmed by it. My friend Amy has an amazing blog. She took me under her wing, showed me the ropes. But what I learned was most people post on these incredible blogs DAILY! They have fabulous photos, and they give away gifts. They have linky parties (something I still don’t understand). They tweet, and pin, and all this other crazy stuff that is way too much for this mama to handle.

J has now entered full blown toddlerhood. She’s a diva. She throws full blown tantrums over things like yogurt or my cell phone, which she truly thinks is hers…”MINE” she tells me! She wants so much to be in charge of everything (little does she know, she really is!) So when I have a second to myself, I found it difficult to sit down and blog. I love writing and just sitting down and talking openly, it’s all that other stuff that felt like work, and I couldn’t gear up to do it on a daily basis.

But here I am (during naptime) making confessions. So this is what I’ve decided. I can’t take any of this too seriously. With a name like Sequins to Sippy Cups, how could you? I will write when I want to write. Snap photos on my iPhone, and mini hot pink Canon, and not worry about the ginormous camera that I don’t know how to work. I will stop spending way too much time than I’d like to admit trying to figure out how to edit pictures I’ve taken of a craft project or cookie. I won’t worry about having followers. I won’t link up obsessively trying to get my name out there. I’m just going to let it be. Hopefully, this will make it more fun, and you’ll hear from me a little more often. Sound good?

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  1. Very good! That is exactly what I use my blog for. A place to rant and remember the little things as they grow up! Glad you are back!

  2. Girl! You and me are on the same wavelength! I just did my first post in a LONG TIME today too! I'm trying to commit to it on a more regular basis but not worrying about it if I don't make my post goal. You can do it!!!! Just keep it fun! :)

  3. Welcome back! I love your blog! I am horrible about blogging too...sometimes life just gets in the way!