About Me

Thanks for stopping by my “little blog”. I say little, well, because right now it is little…very little. And little is cute, and I like cute. I just started this blog a few short weeks ago, mainly because I thought it would be something fun to do. My life has changed so much since becoming a mom (in the BEST way) and I think writing a blog gives me a chance to share so much of it!
My name is Brittany. I am a wife and mother, to a sweet sweet little girl who I absolutely adore and has changed my world for the better! I love makeup, and primping. I am a real girly girl. I love to bake, try to cook, and every once in a while attempt to craft. I have fun entertaining and decorating my home, I am easily distracted by things that sparkle, a self-proclaimed candle whore, and everyday strive to be the best momma possible. I am by no means an expert in anything, but when I find something I love or that works for me I love to share it with my friends. I hope you enjoy reading and following my “little blog”.

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