Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Long Elmo!

Sure the little guy is cute and all, but I’m kinda done with him!…On diapers I mean.
Yes the cute laughing fuzzy friend is a staple on all of Jhett’s little diapers, but not anymore! That little red guy can laugh and sing and dance all he wants but my little sweetie is not wearing him anymore! Not since she started getting these horrible rashes. I could not get her changed fast enough, but something was irritating her skin. So of course as a mom, I’m feeling guilty and confused that my little girl is so irritated. I tried everything, new wipes, creams etc.
But I found something pretty amazing. The Honest Company.
It was co-founded by Jessica Alba, and strives to provide safe products for you and your family. I first found them thru Zulily. And if you don’t know what Zulily is, you have to join. Think daily Baby Sample Sale! It’s worth it, trust me. They sold Uppa Baby’s for like half off (I was not happy to see this a year after I bought mine, but still, awesome sales) I was intrigued, so I went to their website to learn more. I was amazed when I learned all the nasty things that are put in our children’s everyday products.
This stemmed a major panic in my house. What else was I using on Jhett that was potentially harmful? Recently Johnson & Johnson recalled baby shampoo for having formaldehyde releasing preservatives in it. These chemicals were thought to have trace amounts of cancer causing toxins in them. What?? We use this stuff on newborn babies! This is scary stuff.
Now seriously, I’m not saying that any of these companies are bad or that using them makes any of us bad moms. All I’m saying is it gave me personally a huge wake up call to take a closer look.
Fast Forward a month later, I barely want to put clothes on my baby girl because these diapers are so stinkin cute!!! A natural safe product that isn’t “brown”? This may be love.
So how do they hold up? Pretty good! No complaints so far. They don’t leak and last through the night! I’ve also tried their wipes, and am not totally sold. So I wouldn’t suggest buying them. They are on the thin side and don’t pop up in a wipe warmer, which to me is super annoying. I like 7th Generation ones instead.
More good news! These diapers are done on a delivery system. So you get them every month sent to your house. Done and Done! They offer free trials on their products thru their website too. I’m going to try some of their home cleaning products next. Let’s just say the Honest Company has made me one happy mama, sorry Elmo!

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