Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky Charm Cupcakes

It's almost St. Patrick's Day!

And boy have my celebrations changed. I am no longer stressed about finding something green to wear out that night, or racing to get in line for green beer. But that's ok. I've made peace with this.

This year I decided I would make something green of my own. Cupcakes. Lucky Charm Cupcakes. Lucky Charm Funfetti Cupcakes to be exact. I mean who doesn't love Funfetti? If you've never had Funfetti, well then, you haven't lived! It's so simple yet so amazing. And although I was a little upset when they changed the Funfetti frosting on me, I've moved on.

Ok, back to these delicious St. Patty's cupcakes I made.

They were ridiculously easy to make. I didn't get crazy making some special recipe. It was literally plain old box mix Funfetti. Don't judge. Pillsbury knows what they are doing people!

Oh Wait, I did use egg whites and applesauce in mine because I believe it makes them more fluffy and healthy. So have two or three or...?? I'm not going to tell!  

Ok so you have a basic cupcake, and now use any frosting you like, store-bought is fine or homemade, because you are feeling guilty for using boxed cupcake mix, there is no judgement here. Vanilla is what I used.

Add some green food coloring to get your desired shade. Toss the frosting in a Ziploc bag, snip the tip and swirl on the pretty green frosting. 

Now comes the fun part. The Lucky Charms.

Which I might add are made with Whole Grains! That's right General Mills and I are looking out for you. 

Tip: The cereal gets stale fast. So wait until just before serving to decorate. 

This had me thinking, what else could I make with lucky charms? That is, if the box lasts through the week. 

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  1. And they were delish! Loved them. I'm going to have to try some with the egg whites and applesauce. They're soooo moist. And just saying that kinda freaked me out so I'm gonna go now.....