Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Birchbox!

Sorry for being so M.I.A. lately but I have been in a heavy dark fog lately…otherwise known as Fifty Shades of Grey!! Completely unable to concentrate or perform day to day tasks until I finished the entire series!

Well I’m all done. And a bit depressed it’s over!

But just in time to cheer me up….My First Birchbox has arrived! All is well in the world again!


I thought I would share with you what I got.

This month’s theme is Gossip Girl. Which I used to watch religiously! It fell off the radar quite some time ago when I briefly switched cable companies and didn’t have it programmed to the DVR. Ironically I caught a glimpse of the show last week. Blair was kissing Dan?! What? I thought that would never…could never happen! Apparently motherhood and a brief stint with a satellite dish has landed me under a rock because I am longer up to date with important issues like this!

My birchbox was filled with fun little goodies. Which I tested immediately this morning. Here’s how it went:

Dr. Jart+ BB Cream


You all know how I feel about BB creams. I am particularly partial to the Estee Lauder one, so much that it has replaced my foundation which was essential to my daily routine. This one by Dr. Jart+ is nice. I felt it made me looked a little washed out when worn alone. But it’s light and nice. Also the SPF is slightly less (only spf 25) than the Estee Lauder so I don’t think I’m ready to make a switch.

Color Club polish in Disco Nap



Disco Nap. Love the name! I used to take these in college. Mainly on Fridays after I paraded around at Happy Hour from 4-7pm then went home…took said “Disco Nap” then headed out for the evening! Now my occasional Disco Nap occurs between 2-3pm while Jhett is napping, so I can muster up enough energy to cook dinner and straighten up the tornado she created earlier on in the day. It’s a beautiful shimmery gold color. Its has great coverage, not sheer at all. Loving it because I like everything gold right now.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose


This has a subtle pinkish reddish color. Sheer and really really pretty on. I wore this with just my BB cream, a little concealer, light powder, a touch of bronzer and BlushBaby by Mac (a versatile blush color I love) and it looked really nice, very natural. I’m buying this!

Atelier Cologne in Vanilla.


This is a vanilla-y lime-y scent, very light. I would love in a body lotion over a perfume.

Twistband Hair ties


I have several of these already and love them! So soft, no snags. My favorite are the glitter ones but this one was a pretty raspberry color. Kinda matched the lip balm. I promptly braided my hair (just like Mr. Grey would have liked ;) haha!) and put in my new hair tie.

And a little extra. A cute red note card, labeled xoxo, like the Gossip Girl signature. Saving this for a little love note to the hubby I guess.

So that’s it. My first Birchbox. I can’t wait for the next one!

Have you subscribed yet? What do you think of it? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Weird they'd send you a GG Birchbox since the show is ending! :(

    1. Shocked. That show had so much potential! haha. As long as RH stays on forever, I'll be ok!

  2. Seriously after the hunger games and then fifty shades Im loving a braid :)

  3. A: I will be copying you on a Birchbox! and B: I am with The Johnsons - finishing Hunger Games and diving into 50 Shades of Grey!

    1. Yay! You will love the birchbox. And have to tell me what you get because everyone doesn't always get the same thing. Hunger Games is next for me!! But I still dream of Gray!! ;)

  4. What is Birchbox? I totally have to check this out...