Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Pacifier Clip

Ok I admit it. My daughter is addicted to a pacifier. Or “paci” as we call it. It’s a real love/hate relationship we have. At first it was cute, especially because I blinged out her paci’s with Swarovski crystals when she was a baby. Then it was funny, the way she had to have one in her mouth, and one in each hand. But now, it’s a little scary. She’s an addict. Maybe there is a baby 12 step program out there? Mommy and me pacifier anonymous?

I’m not quite sure if I’m “officially” an enabler or if I’m just sick of frantically scouring the house/car/purse for a pacifier. So in order to stop this madness, I made her a paci clip. A pretty one, if I do say so myself! And you can too. If you are sans baby, it would make a really cute shower gift.


You will need:

  • Beads (I got mine in a single strand, ready to go from Michaels)
  • stretchy jewelry cord
  • a suspender clip
  • a keychain clip
  • *optional* button, scrapbook thing-a-mi-jig (Can you tell I don’t scrapbook?), or any other decorative object to cover your suspender clip
  • Glue Gun if covering suspender clip


First you will tie a knot on the keychain clip. This is probably not called a keychain clip. Thank God for pictures, so you know what I’m talking about and don’t have to decode my jargon.


Then you will string your beads and tie a knot on the suspender clip


Then just add the decorative thing-a-mi-jig if using with a glue gun.


Yep, it’s that EASY! And looks so adorable!!

The princess was pleased!

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