Friday, April 27, 2012

My Favorite Self Tanning Products

It’s that time of year again. Really already!? Where legs can no longer hide behind maxi dresses and colored denim. It’s beach season. And for me, that means lots of self tanner in my future.

I have to be honest, I have been using some form of self tanner since I was in middle school…probably. But definitely since high school. Maybe this means that I will have fabulously young looking skin because I don’t try to pretend that I could actually tan on my own. I am white. No peach. And I go from light peach to medium peach to well, I think that’s about it, on my own at least.

Every spring and summer without fail the magazines are filled with the best tanning products to try. I find it’s really hard to find one you like, and you can really spend lots of money trying to find the one that works for you.

Here are my picks.

My Tried and True


Clarins Self Tanning Gel. Clarins makes excellent self tanning products. This was the very first self tanner I tried, and have been hooked on the company ever since. I love the consistency of the gel and it dries very quickly. The color is great. 

The Newbie

st tropez

St. Tropez. I love that this smells nothing like a typical self tanner. I literally can put this on in the morning and wear all day. The color is subtle. But you MUST use the St. Tropez mitt. It is a tinted foam, and trust me you will be sorry if you don’t have that mitt. I feel that it also helps with the application. Sephora sells a kit with the foam, mitt, and this pretty gold illuminator, that's the best deal.

The Cheapo


Neutrogena Build-a-Tan. I like this because the consistency is light and the scent is mild. Every time I put it on my husband says I smell good. It’s gradual color but can repeated once dry to achieve a darker color. I find if I use this for a few days in a row I get a nice color.

The Staple


Jergens. Everyone has used the Jergens gradual tanning lotion. It genius. And idiot proof. But the Natural Glow Express is awesome too. If you’re like me and want it when you want it, then this is a great one to try. Its nice and thick and moisturizing. I use the Medium to Tan skin Tones (which I clearly am not) one because it acts more like a true self tanner giving you instant color.

The Faker

Lorac TANtalizer. Lorac makes this bronze illuminator. Its light like a gel but gives you a lot of color. It washes off so its great for a night out or to enhance your tan. I usually mix it with lotion, because a little goes a long way. One bottle will last you forever.

So what are your favorite tanning products? I’d love to try out some new ones.

Oh and PS, I’ve ordered the Birchbox!!! Yep, I finally made the cut. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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