Friday, April 6, 2012


I recently saw something on The Small Things Blog that was AMAZING! If you haven’t checked out that blog, it’s necessary! Does the Pinterest hair girl ring any bells?

Well none the less, I had the chance to meet Kate in person and she’s super sweet and beautiful, and well has just plain fabulous hair. She recently blogged about a Birchbox. Something I’ve never heard of. I wondered if this was something for my backyard, because in that case, I wasn’t interested! But oh no, it’s Good. Real Good!! Let’s just say this could be a gateway drug for people like me. It’s a monthly gift box filled with beauty samples. All for $10 a month! I can barely get lunch for that.

Ok now that I have your mouth watering, I’ll show you what I’m taking about.


Yep, it’s beauty sample insanity!! 

Deborah Lippmann, NARS, Samshbox….Oh My! So many great brands are a part of this, I can’t handle it! I feel like a kid in a candy store.


And they have taken it one step further. So when you get your pretty little box, and try out the samples, and shortly after fall in love with one or two (or four). All you have to do is head to their website to purchase them.


Ok I admit, this is not the best thing for my resolution to get organized and declutter my life. But who am I kidding that resolution was out the window come January 2nd with one trip to Target. And it feels slightly practical, not spending money on full sized products you may or may not love.  

So as you can imagine, I was slightly eager to get my grubby little hands on a Birchbox of my own and what did they do…? Those little b******* waitlisted me! That’s right. I got all hot and bothered and they tell me they will email me when I am able to subscribe.

I know, I know, Patience is a virtue. Just not my virtue. But I will try to practice self control, and continue to refresh my inbox only every 5 minutes until they call on me!! And when they do I will be ready to enter mini beauty sample heaven! And most of all, I can’t wait to share my Birchbox experience with you!

Are any of you subscribers to Birchbox? (Maybe you put in a good word for me? Nothing wrong with a little name dropping!!) But seriously, I’d love to hear what you think it?

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  1. this made me laugh out loud. :) you will LOVE Birchbox! Worth the wait, I promise!

    1. I'm completely jealous! Can't wait to get my hands on one!! haha.

  2. Oh my! I'm gonna have to get in on this gem of a deal! Thanks, lady!

    1. I know, we have to get this! I'm "on the list" haha. But not a subscriber yet.

  3. You are seriously too funny! I just texted you about this. I can't believe I dropped the ball and kept forgetting to tell you about this. I haven't bit the bullet and subscribed yet, but I'm sure you'll be able to twist my arm real hard ;) Miss yo face! xoxo

    1. Yeah...What kind of friend are you anyway?!! Actually probably a good one for NOT telling me. You know this stuff is like crack for people like me!